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Creativity from talented believers in the Holyland

Everything you need to kick-start and create an awesome web presence, ministry materials, presentations and more!!! YOUR WORK IS UNIQUE! and so are you! We will take the time to listen and understand you … and walk you through just how easy it is to design and promote whatever you require to make your project WORK - and GIVE GLORY TO GOD!

Advertising Design

Totally Amazing Web Design

Branding, Logos, Business Identity

Everything you need for your organisation, company or ministry

Good visuals give good results!

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Holyland Design interview

Our chief designer Steve Davis was recently interviewed by CBN Israel

Some of our Clients

Keren Yeshuah - Horn of Salvation
Chosen People Ministries
The Caspari Center
Beit Sar Shalom
Jews for Jesus
Jerusalem Institute of Justice
Kehila News
Love Israel
Messianic Prophecy Bible
Tiferet Yeshua Messianic Congregation
Beit Pratzim
Voice of the Voiceless
Moriel Ministries
Shaar Adonai Messianic Congregation

Our Team

We understand and are sensitive your needs in your ministry, local business or congregation.

At Holyland Design - we are uniquely placed to bless your ideas with our creativity and talents because we know the market and we are believers and tentmakers in the land of Israel…

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Blessing and Creating

With years of experience and knowledge, Holyland Design creates Websites, Ministry Materials, Graphics, CD covers, Book design (cover/layout design), Facebook campaigns and much more…

We know what you need to shine.

From concept to completion, from Alpha to Omega! (α - Ω) From Aleph to Tav! (א - ת)

giving professional results

Good design makes things look great!

Great marketing lets people know where to find things that look great.

Holyland Design will assist you to find the best direction for your business inspiration.

All for the glory of God.

making your concept reality

When you move to the web we'll take you there with no headaches... just leave the programming to us at Holyland Design. You'll get what you need with the least amount of hassle.

It's not hard to get exceptionally great results and make a difference in the Kingdom…

and for the Kingdom!

be part of the team

When you entrust your work to Holyland Design you know you're in safe hands.

Many ministries, congregations and small businesses have chosen to partner with us because we know how to make your dreams reality and prayerfully consider how to professionally act. 

For the glory of God.


Best Price!

Logo Design

per logo design

  • 2x Original Concepts
  • In any language
  • Design-ready in print & web
  • Not Stock Design

Print Design

per book design

  • 2x initial design ideas
  • Ready to go to print!
  • Multi-lingual
  • Original imagery

Web Design

5 page website

  • Acquisition of URL/hosting
  • Image gallery
  • Easy Contact Form

Media Design

presentation or animation

  • Powerpoint or similar
  • Animated design
  • HTML5 (not flash)
  • Professional imagery



  • Everything together
  • Bespoke Design Service
  • Tailored Design Solutions
  • Fast Results!


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Graphic Design and business inspiration from the Holyland - Israel.

When you choose us at Holyland-Design you know you're getting a professional service with the knowledge you are hiring Israeli believers.